The most detailed introduction to Cambodian Cockfighting at  New88 Cockfighting

Cockfighting has long been an extremely popular form of betting at international cockfighting arenas. If you are a fan of this sport, you will certainly no longer be unfamiliar with Cambodian cockfighting New88today. If you want to participate in betting on exciting cockfights, don’t miss the following useful information.

What is Cambodian cockfighting?

Cambodian cockfighting is considered one of the popular types of legal entertainment services at the Vietnam – Cambodia border. This place gathers a large number of the strongest fighting cocks across the country. This form of business is invested extremely methodically and professionally.

Currently, Cambodia is the leading cockfighting destination in Southeast Asia. This place has always brought you extremely passionate matches.

Players can directly watch the match on livestream when coming to cockfighting in Cambodia. This makes it easy to track and capture your favorite fighting cocks. From there, you can make accurate decisions in choosing the cocks to compete in the next match.

Origin of

Cockfighting originated in Asia many years ago, at this time many other sports had not yet appeared. This is considered an entertaining game. Besides being highly entertaining, the game also brings in great profits. This is also a factor that helps attract a huge number of participants.

Nowadays, cockfighting has appeared a lot in Vietnam after many years of development in Cambodia, and is widely sought after by cockfighting lovers. Players can be completely assured because it has been licensed to operate widely in the betting market by the government.

Players will experience firsthand the attractive fighting cocks when coming to Cambodian cockfighting, along with a huge amount of bets. This helps increase income for participants, while also bringing huge economic resources to the country. Therefore, the government licenses this subject to operate legally. In each match, absolute security and transparency are always guaranteed.

Cambodian cockfighting rules

Learning the rules of the game before betting is important for you to do. You should grasp the regulations below to avoid accidental risks appearing.

  • When organizing each Cambodian cockfighting match, there will be a specific list. The organizing committee will select similar fighting cocks for the bantamweight division. From there, ensuring transparent and clear results.
  • The final result is determined if one of the two cocks falls. The fighting cock will be considered a loser if it is kicked but cannot get up. Besides, if the chicken runs away or does not attack, it is also considered a loss.
  • A match will not be limited to the number of rounds played. Normally each round will take place within 15 minutes. The cocks will have 5 minutes of rest between each round. The match will continue until a winning team is found.
  • If in a cockfight the beak is fought twice, each time lasting 5 minutes or more. The Organizing Committee will determine a draw if after 9 announcements there is still no play or no confrontation.

Current forms of Cambodian cockfighting

Cambodian cockfighting has many forms of participation for players to freely choose from. This not only increases excitement but also helps you avoid boredom when participating. Players can refer to some specific forms below.
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Fight at the orange chicken arena

Players will be able to witness the fighting cocks firsthand when participating in cockfighting at the Cam arena. The fighting chickens are strong and their attacks are launched to finish off their opponents, no less beautiful. Besides, you also have the opportunity to witness with your own eyes the exciting matches of the cocks you bet on.

In addition, you will also receive attractive rewards that bring in large sums of money when participating directly in the cam arena. The Cambodian cockfighting arena is considered a gathering place for the world’s most classy cockfighting fighters.

Cambodian cockfighting online

Players will be able to watch the match firsthand on a small screen when participating in online cockfighting, thereby making the most accurate choice. This way you won’t waste time or effort going directly to the cockfighting ring but can still participate in watching the match.

Benefits of playing Cambodian cockfighting online at  New88

Bookmaker  New88 is one of the leading playgrounds that you should not miss when participating in cockfighting betting. The following are the advantages that the playground brings to its members.

  • Players will be provided with a variety of extremely exciting types of Cambodian cockfighting by the house. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the forms of cockfighting with iron spurs and round spurs.
  • The matches will be connected via livestream technology. You just need to visit the house’s website, then click the link to watch the match.
  • The match images provided by the system are extremely realistic, guaranteed to meet full HD standards. Vivid colors help you easily observe match details.
  • The operating criteria of bookmaker New88 in the market is safety and transparency. Therefore, you can participate with peace of mind, and transactions are always supported quickly.
  • Every day there are dozens of tournaments held. Players can easily follow the matches no matter what time frame they access.

Instructions for playing Cambodian cockfighting online at  New88

We will provide detailed instructions on the steps to help you easily bet on Cambodian cockfighting at the bookmaker.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to log in to your account on the official homepage of the house at New88. You just need to completely and accurately fill in your username and password and you’re done.
  • Step 2: Next, after successfully completing the login step, players go to the cockfighting lobby.
  • Step 3: At this time, there will be many fighting cocks in the cockfighting hall for you to choose from. Please observe carefully to find for yourself a fighting chicken that brings a high probability of victory. Finally, place bets and monitor until the match ends.

Pocket some tips when betting on Cambodian cockfighting

  • Before participating in Cambodian cockfighting betting, each person needs to understand the rules. This is important information to help you determine the appropriate time to bet as well as how to determine the outcome of the bet.
  • You need to fully grasp all the information that the bookmaker gives in the matches.
  • Before entering a new competition, you must understand the actual situation as well as the number of points the cocks have achieved.
  • Players have 3 betting rounds to participate in including betting on the house cock winning, betting on the away cock winning and betting on a draw for both sides. You can choose for yourself reliable chicken odds depending on the actual situation.
  • Whichever side the most players bet on, you should only bet a moderate amount of money. The winning rate will be higher even though the payout rate is quite low.


Here are our shares about Cambodian cockfighting betting at bookmaker  New88. This form of online entertainment not only helps save time but also optimizes costs for players. Hopefully the information just revealed will help you have a chance to win big.

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