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Today’s Sic Bo game with prizes is a game loved by many people in the betting world. Many people have become rich thanks to Sic Bo games just by playing the game every day. So have you grasped all the information related to this Sic Bo game? Right after this, Nhà cái new88 will answer for you:

Origin of Sic Bo game with prizes

Tai Xiu is a game that originated in China with another name is Sicbo. This game originated a long time ago in the Han Dynasty (3 centuries BC). At that time, Tai Xiu was only a game reserved for aristocrats or high-ranking soldiers.

This game has stopped being developed and become a gambling game in many large casinos, especially in Phuong Dong. The game Tai Xiu was introduced to Vietnam a long time ago since the 10th century and has another name, shaking Tai Xiu.

Currently, Sic Bo games are not only held at online casinos, but you can also play games on the Online bookmaker’s application or website. No matter where you participate, as long as you make the correct choice, you will win the bet and use that money to bet on the next games.

New rules for playing Sic Bo at the house

Below, we will introduce the rules for playing reputable Sic Bo games that apply to both traditional casinos and when you play online games.

First, at Sic Bo to redeem prizes, the player will see the Dealer shake the dice, then you will predict the scores of the 3 dice. The rule is that if the score is from 3 to 10, it is called “Under”. Scores from 11 to 18 are called “Over”.

The only thing the player needs to do is predict what the dice will score and bet on it. This game hardly requires too much time and certain Over/Under skills. You just need to predict according to your feelings and if you are lucky you will receive money.

The payout ratio at some Sic Bo bookies will be different and usually fluctuates with the following levels: For Over and Under it is 1:1. The draw is 1:8 and the even is 1:1. If you bet on the total score, the rate will also change according to the total score you bet.

Explain the forms of betting on Over/Under

Even though it’s called Over/Under for prizes, you will be able to bet in a few other ways as below:

Bet “Over/Under”

As explained above, Sic Bo players only need to bet on Over or Under and if the result you predict is correct, you will receive a bonus. For example, if the excellent result is 17, if you bet Over 100K, you will win 100K. If you bet Under, you will lose the 100K you bet.
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Bet “Odd even”

You will predict whether the result of the output is even or odd. Even numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. The results of odd numbers are the remaining numbers. This method also has the same odds as Sic Bo, so many people bet to innovate while playing this game.

Total bet

This is a more difficult way because you will predict how many points the total of three excellent balls will result in. For example, the Dealer shakes out a 3, a 4, and a 6. The total score you receive is 13 points. If you previously bet 13 points, the amount you receive at Sic Bo will be dozens of times higher.

Which are the best online Sic Bo game apps?

Currently, there are many reputable bookmakers or game portals that organize online Sic Bo. Below are some suggestions for reputable prize-winning Sic Bo games that you should consider.

 New88 game

New88 is always considered a legend in the prize exchange game industry. There have been more than hundreds of people who got rich from Sic Xiu game from this game portal. A legend from the years 2016 – 2017, up to now the number of people playing Sic Bo games at  New88 is extremely large.

If you are looking for an online Sic Bo game address that is safe and has been operating for a long time, bringing prestige and support to players 24/24.  New88 is the most recommended name at this time.

B52 Club

B52 Club is one of the popular prize exchange games in recent years with a rather strange interface. You will feel like you are in a battlefield with bold American military sounds. Your Sic Bo games will feel much more tense and dramatic.

This game portal has been operating for a while and always receives extremely good reviews from other players. Compared to other veterans active in the gaming industry, B52Club is not inferior but also ensures to provide the best online Sic Bo app for you.


According to many years of statistics, Go88 is the place that gathers the most players playing Over/Under. In addition to other games, Go88 always pays special attention to Sic Bo games with different Sic Bo versions such as Sic Bo Live Stream, Sic Bo 3D,… You will be able to freely refer to predictions from experienced players. Over/Under exchange other prizes and increase your chances of winning with this game portal.


The Sic Xiu game with prizes is one of the betting games that is predicted to be durable and long-lasting in the Vietnamese market for many years to come. If you are looking for a game to entertain and make money at any time, don’t miss the reputable online Sic Bo. Hopefully the reputable Sic Bo game information has helped you make a great choice for the new year!

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