Pteris Global – Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry with its Innovative Sortation System

Pteris Global, founded in 1979, is a leading integrated solution provider for logistics systems. The company has been delivering customized solutions for e-commerce logistics, express logistic, custom warehouse automation, airport logistics and digital factories for over four decades. With its commitment to delivering quality solutions, Pteris Global has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

Innovation in Airport Logistics – The Pteris Global Advantage

As an industry leader, Pteris Global is renowned for its innovative approach to sortation systems design and development. One of its key offerings is the airport logistics system, which includes automated baggage handling, check-in, collection, transportation, identification, sortation, temporary storage and reclaim equipment. These systems are designed to streamline airport operations, reduce wait times, and improve the overall passenger experience. The system’s integration of electromechanical, control, coding, network and information systems ensures that it can meet the complete processes of baggage departure, arrival, transit storage and more.

The Sortation System – A Game Changer for Logistics

The sortation system is the heart of any material handling operation, particularly in the logistics industry. It involves identifying, classifying and segregating goods based on size, shape, weight, and other parameters. Pteris Global’s high-speed ring sorter is the perfect solution for this critical task. With flexible layouts, simple installation, and convenient debugging, this sorter technology greatly increases equipment energy efficiency, fully embodies environmental advantages, and minimizes product lifecycle costs. This technology is capable of one or two-sided sorting, with a maximum speed of 3m/s and a noise level of just 62db. Furthermore, the system’s linear motor drive ensures smooth operation and minimal maintenance.

Pteris Global – Enabling the Logistics Industry to Achieve Greater Efficiency

In addition to its automated airport logistics systems and high-speed sortation systems, Pteris Global offers a range of other solutions that help businesses optimize their logistics operations. These include custom warehouse automation, digital factories, e-commerce logistics, and express logistics. With its focus on creating value for customers by providing engineering solutions of the highest quality and standards, Pteris Global has become a go-to solution provider for businesses worldwide.


Pteris Global is revolutionizing the logistics industry with its innovative approach to system design and development. The company’s commitment to delivering customized solutions, coupled with its expertise in airport logistics, custom warehouse automation, and e-commerce logistics, among others, has made it the preferred partner for businesses worldwide. With its high-speed ring sorter technology, Pteris Global is enabling the logistics industry to achieve greater efficiency and lower lifecycle costs. If you’re looking for a reliable logistics solutions provider, look no further than Pteris Global.

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