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Chimney Northern Virginia is your one-stop shop to clean and maintain chimneys and fireplaces. Our team of professional Chimney Technicians are certified and highly trained. We value customer service. We can help you in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia with both new installation and expert routine maintenance. We are often available to serve Northern Virginia’s counties of Arlington, Fauquier and Loudoun as well as Prince William, Prince William, Alexandria and Falls Church. We offer exceptional emergency fireplace services to solve any chimney-related problems you might have.

How useful is it to clean the fireplace?

A fireplace can add architectural interest to your beautiful house in Northern Virginia. A fireplace does much more. The smallest of electric fireplaces can heat your homes, while wood stoves and fireplaces also generate heat. These include smoke, water vapor and gases such as carbon monoxide, unburned wooden particles, hydrocarbons, fog and a variety minerals. These dangerous gases stick to the chimney’s walls and form creosote.

Creosote can be very flammable and buildup over time can cause insufficient ventilation. This can lead to chimney fires. High temperatures can cause structural damage by melting mortar and breaking tiles in brick chimneys. The flue can allow carbon monoxide to flow into your home, potentially causing severe illness. Your family’s safety and that of your home against accidental fireplace fires is assured by keeping your fireplace clean. Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweepers can provide expert chimney flue cleaning and combustion chamber cleaning. They also offer comprehensive chimney inspections. The specialist will clean, repair or replace the flue as needed.

What is the best time for me to clean my fireplace

This guideline can be used to help you if you have concerns about your fireplace. It’s a good idea to contact one of our fireplace technicians for a thorough evaluation. We’ve also compiled a list with the most common signs that your fireplace needs to be cleaned.

For wood fires, sweep the chimney four times per year and for charcoal and smokeless fuel once every year.

Mid-winter, early spring, and early fall are the best times to clean your fireplace. The soot from the summer will have hardened and dried during the summer, and will be easier to get rid of in the fall. Fireplaces will be used less in winter.

If soot falls off the gate during opening or closing, have it checked.

If you detect wood coming from your fireplace, even though it’s not in use, call a professional.

You should clean out your fireplace if you see flames that aren’t burning well or heavy smoke coming from the room.

What should I do to clean my fireplace?

There are many fireplace cleaning companies in Northern Virginia. However, none compares to our dedication and excellence. We are confident that our skilled staff will deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Our services include masonry, fireplace and home renovation. We meet or exceed all CSIA work and safety requirements.

We are a trusted partner to our clients, who continue to be loyal to us because of our hands-on and dedicated approach to each task.

Our technicians have more than 10 years combined experience in inspecting, cleaning and repairing fireplaces and furnaces.

They have repaired more than 20,000 chimneys, and they have been trained by CSIA specialists to ensure the highest quality.

We work with some of the best real estate agents in Northern Virginia and cooperate regularly with property management companies. Habitat for Humanity has also been a partner.

Our staff will assist you with any questions or problems you might have regarding your fireplaces. We also keep up-to-date with safety standards, new products, and services.

We offer a range of hours of operation to meet your needs at all times of the day.

We will provide you with the most cost-effective services possible while maintaining an excellent standard of excellence.

What cleaning methods are used to clean the chimney?

Before our technicians arrive to clean your fireplace we meet with our clients to place protective textiles around it, seal the hatch and inspect the firebox. Next, we climb up to the roof to inspect the chimney and roofline. With a vacuum cleaner, and a throat brush, we return to the interior. Next, we open the hatch to clean the throat, smoke shelf, hatch casing, chimney, and combustion chamber walls. After the chimney inspection and cleaning is complete, we collect our equipment and prepare our inspection report. We then discuss the details with our clients. The chimney sweep and inspection usually take about 35 minutes. However, if the fireplace has an insert or is extremely dirty, it might take longer.

What was your last fireplace cleaning?

Many people overlook the importance of freestanding fireplace, and fireplace care within their homes. We often overlook the internal workings of the chimney and the combustion chamber. Chimney can help you maintain your fireplace and clean it with the expertise and care that you need. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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