The Top Corporate Team Building Activities That You Must Know

Bonding and understanding one another is essential for new employees in the company. Both new and old teams need team building activities. Virtual activities can be provided in Singapore to help you improve your team’s productivity.

Coin Logo Activities

This activity takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Participants will be asked to pull out coins from their pockets or wallets. Anyone who does not have coins can borrow them from someone else. To use the coins, participants will need to create a logo. Participants can use the coins with papers, pens and wallets.

The coin will still be the main item. If the group is large, three to six people can form one group. The game will still be the same. However, the individual logo will be replaced by the team logo. This activity promotes self-awareness and helps members to get to know one another.

Memory Wall Activities

This activity allows team members to relive their childhood memories. Each member of the team can begin sketching their memories on paper. The sketches can be hung up on the wall and displayed during office meetings or parties. This will allow team members to recall the memories and receive positive vibes. The Virtual Activities in Singapore can help you create different memories at work and sketch them out for the memory wall.

Battle of Airbands

You will need an MP3 player, a smartphone or a speaker to perform this activity. The group will perform as a complete band. They can all play guitars and drums. Some can also sing. Each band can have 3-4 members. You can choose work-friendly songs and have them played. Participants can also do the lip-syncing. They can dress up as the band members and use props if they have the time. The winner band will be chosen and awarded.

Magazine Story Activity

Participants must create a magazine cover page. You can pick any of your idols at work who are successful in business, and you can create a cover page about them. You can make the entire design up. This will allow you to have a dream about yourself and be able to imagine your picture being on the cover of the magazine. You can break the participants into groups of between 3-5 people. You can use templates, markers, markers and any other tools you need to make a beautiful cover.


To build strong relationships among team members, the virtual activities can be done in Singapore. Positive vibes can bring about productivity when there are positive people working together. You don’t need to find a large space to host all corporate activities.

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