What Is the Ecommerce Fulfillment Service?

The ecommerce fulfillment service process may be split into five parts; read on with Yun Fulfillment Warehouse.

  1. Getting stock

As you need merchandise to sell, this is the first step in starting an online store. Inventory is gathered and itemized during this process, whether from the manufacturer or the supplier.

To guarantee accurate inventory and that all items have been received, products are given a unique identification number, such as a barcode or SKU.

  1. Inventory Management and Storage

To make the processing of upcoming orders as efficiently as possible, inventory must be arranged and stored after it has been received and counted. Category, SKU, or barcode can categorize goods

Your order fulfillment strategy will determine how and where products are stored.

Choose a storage location you and your team can readily access and use, for instance, if you’re processing an e-commerce order.

Your things will be kept in their warehouse if you deliver your inventory to a third-party fulfillment facility.

  1. Order Processing

This procedure is put into effect when consumer orders come in. The products are assembled for clients during this phase of the fulfillment process. It entails selecting and packaging each item in the order and preparing it for shipping.

This is the time to employ and put together any unique packaging or personalized orders for consumers.

  1. Shipping

Items will be mailed to consumers after being packaged. Your shipping costs and turnaround times depend on how you ship products. More than 60% of customers would cancel an order if the delivery cost were too high. Thus this is a crucial aspect of your customer experience to take into account.

  1. Returns and Exchanges

Where the item is returned or shipped for an exchange will be decided by returns processing. It also determines what will happen to the returned item.

They are fulfilling orders and providing a positive customer experience, heavily relying on your return policy. 52% of buyers say that free returns are one of the things they look for when making an online purchase (preceded by delivery times and shipping costs).

The order fulfillment procedure unquestionably impacts your company’s costs and operational efficiency. It also affects client satisfaction levels and how people view your company.

It is simple to observe how these interact to affect the expansion and scalability of your company. Please contact Yun Fulfillment Warehouse for more information!

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