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Transforming the Smart Workplace: Seekink’s Customizable Electronic White Boards and Innovative E-Paper Solutions

With its exceptional level of customization, Seekink is widely recognized as a comprehensive provider of electronic white board. Renowned companies worldwide depend on Seekink for their unique requirements. By allowing customers to personalize their products according to specific needs, Seekink ensures utmost satisfaction. Moreover, its 260,000-square-meter factory and fully automated manufacturing lines enable swift delivery to all markets.

Seekink excels in diverse electronic paper solutions

Apart from an outstanding electronic white board that boosts office efficiency, Seekink offers an extensive range of electronic paper solutions catering to diverse industry demands. Electronic Paper Display (EPD) technology is a significant component of Seekink’s rapidly evolving digital display industry. Through innovative EPD solutions, Seekink has become a trusted name in the industry, reshaping industries with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Ideal for IoT Applications and Smart Workplaces

As a pioneer in sustainable technology, Seekink’s E-Paper solutions offer energy efficiency and eliminate light pollution, making them ideal for a wide range of IoT applications. As Seekink continues to innovate, the interactive whiteboard in the smart workplace offers ample space for collaboration, presentations, and brainstorming. The interactive whiteboard in the smart workplace provides plenty of space for color, display quality, size, and energy consumption. With its authentic paper-like pen-and-pencil interaction, it allows users to capture team insights in real time. Every time notes are taken on it, they can be synchronized to a digital device for editing and sharing.


Seekink is a renowned provider of electronic white boards, electronic paper solutions, and interactive whiteboards for the smart workplace. With a 260,000-square-meter factory and automated manufacturing lines, Seekink ensures customer satisfaction and sustainability, offering energy efficiency and real-time collaboration.

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