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The Digital Revolution Unleashed by Hanshow’s Stellar Pro

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, one name has become synonymous with innovation and reliability – Hanshow. At the heart of their transformative digital solutions lies the Stellar Pro, an electronic digital shelf edge labels that have set a trusted standard for thousands of stores worldwide. The journey of retail’s digital evolution begins with the revolutionary capabilities of Hanshow’s Stellar Pro.

Efficiency and Profit Boosting for Stores

Stellar Pro is not just a digital price tag; it’s a game-changer for retailers seeking efficiency and profit boosts. The ability to perform remote price updates eliminates the need for inefficient and costly manual changes, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Inventory Management and Revenue Increase

With its high-resolution screen, Stellar Pro goes beyond displaying prices. It becomes a tool for effective inventory management, allowing more information to be presented. The 7-color LED light signals facilitate faster order picking, translating to increased online sales revenue.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Stellar Pro doesn’t just display prices; it engages customers. The colorful, high-resolution display screen provides more product information, and QR codes direct customers to online orders. This seamless integration enhances the overall customer experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Wide Range of Use Cases

Hanshow’s impact extends across various retail sectors, with solutions in over 30,000 stores across 50 countries. From grocery and electronics to fashion, drug stores, and DIY shops, Stellar Pro’s compatibility and versatility make it the preferred choice in diverse retail environments.


As retail continues its digital transformation, Hanshow’s Stellar Pro stands as the trusted standard for electronic shelf labels. Its proven efficiency, compatibility, and wide range of use cases make it an indispensable tool for retailers aiming not just to survive but thrive in the digital era.

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