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Empowering Electrical Networks with ZTT’s Composite Insulators

ZTT, a renowned player in the electrical industry, stands out as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a composite insulator. These essential components are instrumental in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of overhead transmission lines, substations, distribution lines, railways, and more.

A Legacy of Success

With a remarkable history of achievement, ZTT boasts a record of approximately 350,000 kilometers of successful operation performance. Annually, they produce an impressive 1,000,000 sets (equivalent to around 5,000 tons) of composite insulators. This substantial output solidifies ZTT’s position as a professional and responsive company, consistently meeting diverse customer requirements with swift delivery times. Notably, ZTT’s composite insulators have proven their mettle by enduring the grueling 5,000-hour Multi-stress test in a state-of-the-art STL laboratory.

Unmatched Mechanical Strength

ZTT’s composite insulators are renowned for their exceptional mechanical strength, capable of withstanding forces of up to 1000kN. This level of durability ensures their reliability in high-voltage applications, making them an indispensable component of modern electrical networks.

Adherence to Global Standards

ZTT’s unwavering commitment to quality is evident through its adherence to international standards, including the IEC series (such as IEC 61109, IEC 61952, IEC 383, etc.). Moreover, ZTT accommodates customized manufacturing, allowing insulators to be produced according to specific customer standards like AS and IS. Additionally, ZTT’s expertise extends to the production of specialized fittings and accessories.

Diverse Applications

Suspension/Tension Insulators for Transmission Lines are pivotal in supporting the efficient operation of overhead power transmission lines while Pin Insulators for Transmission Line provide essential electrical insulation in transmission line systems.

Post Insulators for Substations rely on post insulators for electrical insulation and equipment fixation. Moreover, Cross-Arm Insulators facilitate safe and efficient electrical distribution and Railway Insulators ensure dependable electrical insulation.


ZTT’s composite insulators are the embodiment of excellence in electrical insulation. Their unwavering adherence to international standards, remarkable mechanical strength, and adaptability for various applications make them an indispensable asset in the realm of electrical power transmission and distribution.

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