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De Corematrix Zirconia Tooth Implants Provide Natural-looking Dental Restorations with Superior Translucency for Aesthetic Appeal.

De Corematrix, a trusted name in the zirconia tooth implant industry, offers high-quality zirconia dental materials for fabricating advanced dental restorations. Their zirconia tooth implants, made from the best-selling De Corematrix HT blocks, are renowned for their exceptional translucency, durability, and anti-aging properties. This article introduces the benefits of De Corematrix zirconia tooth implants, providing patients with natural-looking and long-lasting dental restorations.

Cost-Effective High-Translucent Zirconia

De Corematrix HT blocks are made of high-translucent zirconia dental material, which provides a superior cost-performance ratio. This allows patients to benefit from exceptional translucency, durability, and aesthetics at a competitive price. As a result, De Corematrix is the most excellent alternative for people who want natural-looking dental restorations at a great price.

De Corematrix ST for Enhanced Aesthetics

De Corematrix ST is a very translucent zirconia dental material explicitly designed to manufacture dental restorations, such as zirconia tooth implants. De Corematrix ST’s remarkable translucency allows it to precisely duplicate the natural appearance of teeth, resulting in a seamless integration with the patient’s smile. It gives the best aesthetics while maintaining strength and durability, making it suited for long-term use.


The HT and ST blocks enhance the translucency, durability, and aesthetics of De Corematrix zirconia dental implants. High-quality dental restorations fulfil patients’ needs by producing natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with existing teeth. De Corematrix HT blocks are an excellent choice for consumers looking for economical but elegant zirconia tooth implants. However, De Corematrix ST blocks have a higher translucency for better aesthetics and durability. De Corematrix zirconia dental implants are dependable, biocompatible, and safe due to their anti-aging properties and customizable color options. De Corematrix zirconia tooth implants offer natural-looking, long-lasting, and attractive dental restorations. Contact De Corematrix today to learn how zirconia dental materials might benefit your dental practice.

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