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Second Intelligent Equipment: Your Trusted Provider of Advanced Dispensing and Potting Solutions

Since 2005, NewStar’s Second Intelligent Equipment has been a significant supplier of automatic glue dispensing and two-part materials potting machines. As a roof rack solutions provider, they have created and built modern and high-quality machines to cater to various automated adhesive materials dispensing solutions with a team of skilled software and hardware experts. Their best-selling products have acquired popularity in industries that require accurate and constant fluid and adhesive distribution. Second Intelligent Equipment provides dependable and practical roof rack solutions for various production processes, from electric PCBs and electronic components to automotive parts and medical equipment.

Growing Interest in Automated Dispensing and Potting Rooftop Rack Solutions

Automated fluid and adhesive materials dispensing and potting devices are becoming increasingly common in today’s production scene. Consistency and precision in applying fluids, glue, and adhesives are critical in everything from EMS projects and electrical components to toys and medical equipment. Second, Intelligent Equipment has identified this desire and has been at the forefront of developing creative rooftop rack solutions to fulfil industry demands.

Fluid Dispensing Applications Require Precision and Reliability

Heavy-duty materials feeding systems, valves, gear pumps, piston pumps, screw pumps, and adhesive application systems from Second Intelligent Equipment offer high capacity, precision, and dependability while dispensing diverse materials. Their equipment can precision dispensing, potting, coating, and injecting epoxy, UV, FIP, thermal bonding, and other adhesive compounds. They are particularly adept at working with hard materials such as high-viscosity AB material, abrasive thermal paste, humidity-sensitive PUR adhesive, and corrosive methyl acrylate adhesive.

Professional Glue Dispensing Systems with Advanced Technology

NewStar’s Second Intelligent Equipment offers professional and heavy-duty automated glue dispensing systems. Their roofing rack solutions are tailored to industries that use RTV, EMC, and EMI gasket materials. Their equipment can efficiently transfer and dispense single-component or two-component materials on a small scale using 5cc syringes to an enormous scale using 55-gallon barrels.


Second Intelligent Equipment is the go-to source for Amazon e-commerce merchants, brands, and physical hardware shops looking for innovative dispensing and potting solutions. They provide high-quality and dependable solutions for businesses that require accurate fluid and adhesive applications due to their experience in automatic glue dispensing and potting equipment. Just in time for this Thanksgiving, choosing Second Intelligent Equipment as your chosen source will allow you to experience the accuracy, dependability, and efficiency that their equipment provides to your production operations.

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